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Entitlement Processing

A land use "entitlement" is generally described as approval by the City to introduce a new or expanded land use activity on a particular site. A new or expanded use will require one or more of the following four permits/licenses:
Type of ReviewReviewing AuthorityPermit FeeTypical Processing Time
Business LicenseStaff$105-$160 initial fee30 days
Department ReviewStaff$4030-60 days
Design ReviewStaff or Design Review Board$2,680-$7,800 deposit60-90 days
Conditional Use PermitPlanning Commission$1,300-$9,900 deposit90 days

The Highland Municipal Code determines which permits will be required for a project.

Business License
All new projects will require a City Business License. Projects will be reviewed for conformity with the City's Municipal Code. View Processing & Timeline

Department Review
Intended to control the establishment and operation of new and existing development in the commercial, employment and multi-family zone districts, whose potential impacts and relative compatibility to the surrounding land use is generally well known (i.e. establishment of a pharmacy inside an existing grocery store). View Processing & Timeline

Design Review
All new commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential projects of four or more dwelling units involving the issuance of a building permit for construction or reconstruction of a structure (i.e. new construction on vacant property, addition or reconstruction of projects equal to 50% or more of floor area, substantial change or intensification of land use, etc.). View Processing & Timeline

Conditional Use Permit
Intended to control the establishment of those uses which have some special impact or uniqueness, such that their effect on the surrounding environment cannot be determined in advance of the use being proposed for a particular location (i.e. construction of a commercial center on a vacant lot). The CUP application provides for the review of the location and design of the proposed use, configuration of improvements, potential impact on the surrounding area, and the evaluation of the use based on fixed and established standards. The review also determines whether the proposed use should be permitted by weighing the public need for and benefit to be derived from the use, against any adverse impact it may cause. New construction projects will also require a Design Review Permit. View Processing & Timeline

The above is a broad description of Planning Department fees related to processing a land use entitlement. For more information regarding other Planning, Building & Safety, Engineering and General Government fees, click here.